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Why Customers Choose DIY LASHES?

  • why-1

    Salon at home

    It takes less time and less money than an appointment to do eyelash extension

  • why-2

    Pre cut

    A pair of four/five pre-cut individual lash segments

  • why-3

    Pre mapped

    Just like professional eyelash extensions

  • why-4


    Comfortable and lightweight for undetectable wear

  • why-5

    Blends seamlessly

    Flexible clear band to seamlessly blend in with your natural lash line

  • why-6

    Each pair lasts 7-10 days

    Keep on your own eyelashes with using bond and sealant for 7-10 days

  • why-7

    No need to remove every day

    Gently and naturally remove

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+86 130 4507 5880