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MiYa Lashes

MIYA LASHES maintains its focus on becoming the leader of fashion. The company is making great efforts in R&D to offer customers more options to customize their purchases. Our technical support and R&D capacity in the industry is first-rate. At the same time, MIYA LASHES has a customer service team of 50 persons to provide customers with patient service and professional advice. The company will interact closely with its business partners to build the strongest competitive advantage in the industry.

MIYA LAHES, over more than ten years of efforts and developments, has become a leading lash manufacturer in the industry, by having its products hand made, by exceptional crafts, using the finest materials. We will maintain quality as the core of the company, and push our eyelash manufacturing to a higher level to bring consumers beauty from the inside out.

  • Dust-free bacteria-free production workshop

    Dust-free bacteria-free production workshop

    Dust-free, bacteria-free production workshop, apply air shower system and nano high-tech.

  • Stable and comprehensive supply chain

    Stable and comprehensive supply chain

    Eyelashes, private label packagings, tools and so on

  • Strict QC team

    Strict QC team

    Stable styles and luxury packages because of the strict QC team.

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+86 130 4507 5880