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Pingdu, a city of Shandong, China, has been manufacturing all kinds of eyelashes for 40 years as its traditional business, which for decades, has helped tens of thousands of locals and families to make a living. MIYA LASHES, a local eyelash manufacturer, is a typical example of the companies here. Committed to becoming the most professional and respected eyelash supplier in China, the company is taking everlasting pursuit of producing the best LASHES.

The choice of raw materials is vital to make a perfect pair of eyelashes. The furs of minks, native to Siberia, is our choice. The freezing cold weather and a long growth cycle of mink furs make the tips of the fur solid and strong, soft in feeling, and glossy in surface. After the unprocessed furs are brought back in the factory, the workers will selectively determine which mink furs to be chosen. It is necessary to ensure that each piece of fur is the exactly same in thickness, so that the curvature can be consistent when the it is heated, showing a vivid-like effect. 

Making eyelashes is a demanding job. MIYA lashes has built its reputation based on the quality of workmanship. All products from MIYA LASHES are hand-made. Our workers have experienced a long-term, professional training, and each worker is placed in the positions where he or she is most familiar with the styles, so the effectiveness and accuracy are greatly improved. The company focuses on every detail and spares no efforts to offer clients the best wearing experiences. To make a suitable BAND, which bothers most eyelash manufacturers for a long time, MIYA LASHES, after hundreds of experiments, finally made a coveted BAND---soft, comfortable and durable. It has been proved that the product is well-received by the market. 

MIYA LASHES maintains its focus on becoming the leaders of fashion. The company is taking great efforts on R&D to offer customers more options to customize their purchases. Our technical support and R&D capacity in the industry is first-rate. At the same time, MIYA LASHES has a customer service team of 50 persons to provide customers with patient service and professional advice. The company will interact closely with its business partners to build the strongest competitive advantage in the industry.

MIYA LAHES, over more than ten years of efforts and developments, has become a leading lash manufacturer in the industry, by having its products hand made, by exceptional crafts, using the finest materials. We will maintain quality as the core of the company, and push our eyelash manufacturing to a higher level to bring consumers the beauty from the inside out.

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Our factory passed TUV certification , BV certification, ISO9000 certification and SA8000 AUDITTED.

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Reason 1

The top quality China manufacturer ,founded for over 12 years ,about 300 workers

We provide effectively communication and offer unmatchable price

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We provide the best experience of business collaboration

We help and support clients become the leader during the competition

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We are looking for a long-term business collaboration with clients, to move further together.

We also have the ability to customize special eyelashes styles for our clients to make their brands unique and pop up among competitors.

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